지은이 Selena Park 쪽수 556쪽
초판 2020-11-25 ISBN 979-11-6054-419-0
판형 132*195mm 기타
  • In a world where formidably expanding forests have devastated the lands, the tyrannical World Government controls every aspect of life, using violent repression and propaganda to ensure silence and blind obedience. But when a crucial informant comes to the Resistance, they are presented with the opportunity to take down the dictatorship and bring justice. Thrown into the middle of a power struggle between the World Government and the Black Circle, a powerful weapon trading organization, the Resistance embarks on numerous missions to disclose the truth and ignite a people’s revolution. Jin Ryu, a young captain of the Resistance, has to find a balance between her personal vendetta and the Resistance’s cause as she strives to protect her beloved ones while fighting for justice and peace.